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A renowned name since its inception in 1984, Dairy Don has been synonymous with good taste and reliable quality. With a humble beginning, we have made our presence felt with franchising outlets across Gujarat and Maharashtra, and are reckoned as one of the forerunners in ice cream, especially for Celebration Orders.
The wide array of flavours that we offer have found instant liking among people from every age group. Be it gathering up with friends, relatives, office colleagues, or expressing love over a sinful chocolate indulgence, we offer you perfect choice for every occasion, and serve smiles of complete satisfaction. Our Franchise parlours have been stylishly designed to create the right ambience of a cool place to hang out. With each passing year, we at Dairy Don are expanding our horizons with new Ice-cream parlours across the nation, to explore the 2,000 crore-market of Indian ice cream industry.
  At Dairy Don, we strongly believe in delivering highest quality products, hence we constantly upgrade ourselves with latest equipment and technology in the ice cream industry. With benchmarks that match scales with the best in the industry, we have taken every meticulous care in offering you nothing but the best without compromising on the safety and hygiene standards.
  Mr. Nilesh Makawana
  The success of Dairy Don finds its roots in the vision of Mr. Nilesh Makawana, the Managing Director of the Company, who started out as an ice cream trader and went on to incept an outlet which was destined to become one of the leading names in ice cream industry of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Through a keen insight of the ice cream industry and business acumen, Mr. Nilesh Makawana employed his management skills to come up with thirty immensely successful outlets in Gujarat and Maharashtra. A firm believer in the 'profit for all' policy, this dynamic entrepreneur has always ensured that each of his franchise outlet owner prosper together. The core areas handled by Mr. Makawana include fund raising, industrial guidance, planning & control, and franchise programme development. The other responsibilities are shared by Mrs. Leena N. Makawana, the Director of Diary Don and wife of Mr. Nilesh Makawana.
  Mrs. Leena N. Makawana
  Apart from being a staunch supporter of Mr. Nilesh Makawana and pillar of strength for Dairy Don, Mrs. Leena N. Makawana has played a key role in ensuring that the quality of Dairy Don ice cream, as well as its service remains consistent. Having demonstrated her managerial skills, this entrepreneur looks after the Research & Development and legal advisory aspects of Dairy Don. Furthermore, she also makes the working environment of Dairy Don conducive to productivity through a workplace replete with fun, entertainment, safety, discipline and respect for each other.